K.P. Group:

K.P. Power is one of the companies of the diverse K.P. Group (KPG), which is a pioneer in various sectors of the industry viz. energy and utilities, infrastructure development, salt manufacturing, aquaculture, real estate, cement manufacturing and cyber security.

K.P. Group is currently working on 2 large projects :
  • The 500 MW solar park in Beed District of Maharashtra
  • 400-acre smart-city on the outskirts of Mumbai, which would have 10,000 apartments, offices, studios, malls, school, hospital, retail, and other infrastructure necessary for having a self-sufficient and sustainable smart city


K.P. Power Private Limited (KPPL) was formed to develop wind energy projects in the state of Maharashtra by utilizing 1200 acres of land held by King Prawns Private Limited. The said land is situated at a distance of 60 Kms. from Mumbai and the said land is fully developed, having around 18 Kms. of roads, electricity and other infrastructure. Looking to the vast developed land available with King Prawns Private Limited, Tacke Wind Energy, a company registered in Germany and a fully owned subsidiary of Enron (USA), executed a joint-venture agreement with King Prawns Private Limited for putting up a wind energy power project. A wind mast was put up to study the wind data for a period of one year. However, the site did not emerge as an A class site and therefore Tacke suggested the first project be put up at an A class site. The project was then set up in Dhule Dist., the best windy site in Maharashtra.

K.P. Power partnered with Tacke India Pvt. Ltd., for its first wind energy project. Subsequently, since ENRON sold its entire Wind Energy business to GE, the partnership with ENRON came to an end. K.P. Power then put up a 52 MW wind energy project in collaboration with NEG Micon, then the 3rd largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world, which was subsequently taken over by Vestas, the leading manufacturer in the World. Looking to the potential of wind energy K.P. Power also bought several wind turbines and became an independent power producer. K.P. Power also partnered with Gamesa, a leading Spanish wind turbine manufacturer and has successfully commissioned 150 MW’s of wind energy projects in various districts of Maharashtra and set up infrastructure for power evacuation for 350 MW. This balance evacuation capacity with the company and can be used for evacuation of power, from renewable sources.


Our Mission:

  • To put up state-of-the-art renewable energy projects, to generate the much needed power required for nation building.
  • To increase the value proposition of wind and solar energy in India by harnessing the freely available natural resources and channeling them in the right way to generate clean and sustainable energy.
  • To contribute in the economic and social development of the society by transferring innovations to the community.