King Prawns Limited

King Prawns Private Limited (KPL) was initially formed as a Private Limited Company for undertaking production of salt and aquaculture activities in its 1200 acre land bank located in Saphale, Palghar District. The site is under 2 hours from the Mumbai Airport and is well connected by road (National Highway NH-48) and also the Mumbai local train system, which recently was extended up to Dahanu, thereby passing through Saphale.

So far, the site was used to produce 10,000 tonnes of salt and 100 tonnes of prawns. However, due to the recent development of infrastructure and connectivity, making the site in close proximity to Mumbai, and the high demand for affordable housing, which is strongly being encouraged by the Indian Govt., KPL has started working on a state-of-the-art 400-acre smart city project, at par with the global benchmarks. This would be the 1st phase and subsequently, the balance 800 acres of the land parcel can be exploited for similar use.

For the 1st phase of 400-acre development, a Large portion of this development would be devoted to affordable housing through the construction of over 20,000 Economically Weaker Section (EWS)/Lower Income Group (LIG) apartments.

The 1st phase of development would also include production studios like SONY, and Disney Studios, who are looking to expand their business and need a large land parcel with proximity to Mumbai (home to Indian cinema – Bollywood). Other developments in the 1st phase include a digital hub, which will act as an outsourcing Techno-Park for all digital content, commercial buildings and offices, IT parks, hospitals, schools, malls, and other infrastructure necessary for a self-sufficient smart-city.