King Prawns Limited


King Prawns Limited

King Prawns Private Limited (KPL) was initially formed as a Private Limited Company for undertaking production of Prawns and Salt. It has been promoted by Mr. Ajay Dhumal. A Tender was called for privatizing a Government existing Salt Works. KPL was the successful bidder in the Tender and Land admeasuring 1200 Acres situated in Palghar Taluka, Thane district, Maharashtra, situated at about 60 kms from the outskirts of Mumbai, and 30 kms from the Mumbai – Ahmedabad highway was allotted to KPL in the year 1995.

After taking possession of the allotted Land KPL undertook massive construction for developing the entire 1200 Acre Land. KPL moved around 800,000 – 1,000,000 tons of Soil for creating 60 ponds each admeasuring 2.5 Acres. It also developed the Salt Works and constructed 18 kms of roads to all the corners of the Site. It laid Electrical lines covering a distance of 10 kms to make electricity available and installed requisite transformers etc. It also constructed sluice gates to store and monitor the High Tide Water coming into the 3 kms creek falling within the site. Through this development adequate amount of water is available that is being pumped for a period of 24 hours to meet the water requirement of the Prawn and Salt Farm.

KPL was proposed to go Public but on account of a Supreme Court judgment imposing restrictions on Prawn Farming activities in the country, the said Public Issue could not take place. After that KPL was only producing Salt at the site until recently those restrictions were lifted permitting KPL to restart its Prawn Farming Activity.

Currently KPL was approached by a Company for installing a pilot Thermal-Solar Project by utilizing the abundantly available Salt Water. The Project was supposed to generate Electricity, Distilled water and Pure Salt suitable to be used for Pharmaceutical Applications.

King Prawns Pvt. Ltd is also in the business of Aquaculture and manufacture of Common Salt at site Saphale, Taluka Palghar, District Thane.